One of a kind

Sophisticated patterns and drawings meet strong details and comfortable cuts. Introducing our first artist collaboration designed by Sojin Park.

We are proud to present a limited edition of 10 one of a kind pieces in collaboration with Berlin based artist and designer Sojin Park. The edition reflects and transforms the topic of water and mysterious and paranormal phenomena between nature and humans into a playful narrative across jumpers and hoodies.

Water saving wardrobe icons

Welcome to a wardrobe full of comfort, cosiness and effortless elegance.

Inspired by foundational wardrobe icons and attention to refined details, defined by a passion for craftsmanship and responsible design, created for urban (im)migrants with fluid borders. Discover our timeless sweaters and hoodies made of our own developed TENCEL™ Modal Fleece.

Perfect for between-seasons

Explore our timeless T-shirt collection crafted from pure natural materials, designed with circularity in mind.

Our cotton is strictly watered using the drip irrigation system, using only 60% of the water that is used to grow conventional cotton. This long staple cotton is spun exclusively under environmental friendly, innovative methods resulting in a premium quality yarn, featuring higher tenacity and lower neps than conventional cotton. It is grown from non-GMO cotton seeds that are carefully selected and controlled. Cultivated on family farms in Greece, the whole supply chain is 100% traceable.

Gifts made to last.

Want to be prepared for the festive season?

kind of blau embodies the idea of responsible use of water. We design our garments with circularity in mind. Responsible water use, pure natural materials and longevity are the core of our creations. The use of non-conform solutions in design, sourcing, distribution and materials allows us full financial transparency plus reparation payments to the areas that suffer most from textile wastewater pollution.

the way

As one pillar of our Water First Approach, we amplify the voice of a community determined to change the fashion industry´s footprint.

We put water frist.

By applying non-conform solutions to archetypical garments we widen the lifecycle´s diameter of our community´s wardrobe and translate our ideas into an experience.