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kind of different

We put water first.

kind of blau embodies the idea of responsible use of water. As one pillar of the water first movement, we emplify the voice of a community determined to change the fashion industry´s footprint.
kind of better

We take full responsibility.

We design our garments with circularity in mind. Closed water loops, pure materials, recycled materials and longevity are core. The use of nonconform solutions in design, distribution and materiality allows us full financial transparency plus reparation payments.

The Blue Cost

How much you save is not a bold and unapologetic statement. It's actually how much you really use. We reveal The Blue Cost behind all of our products — from fibers to materials to production.
Our 3rd drop

TENCEL™ Modal Fleece

Our sweaters and hoodies are made of our own developed TENCEL™ Fleece. The natural raw material for our fabric is locally sourced from FSC certified forests in Germany and Austria – a certification which guarantees responsible felling and replanting of the trees. It grows without artificial irrigation, fertilizers or pesticides and it is biodegradable.
Coming soon

Supreme Green Cotton

We’re launching our 4th drop very soon. The Supreme Green Cotton for our t-shirt collection is sourced environmentally friendly in Greece. By using a drip irrigation system the water usage is reduced by 50% in relation to conventional cotton.

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