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Perfect is never the starting point. Better is.

Mistakes pave the way for improvement. For something new. Maybe better. We believe that excellence starts with the decision to make things better. To be better. That’s our quest. That’s what we act upon.

Kind of ambitious

We’re young, but we aim to be a world leaders. We are restless, curious, and by no means perfect. The path to building the world’s first water first brand is a long one, and we’re just getting started.

Leading the way

Our work has started the conversation about water x fashion for people, brands and industry. Here are some of our achievements so far.

Our Culture

We chose 5 values that represent our character, our process and how we push things for the better.

  1. Make art
    We try to invent, to take risks, to challenge ourselves with every decision we take. No manuals or maps involved. What’s your art?

  2. Generosity
    Caring and creating for those we don’t know is a habit that is based in our culture and heritage.

  3. Curiosity
    The path to enjoyment is winding, unhurried and found while seeking new perspectives. We look to stay imaginative and fuel the motivation to explore.

  4. Respect
    We put people first, business second. We respect not only ourselves and the worth of our work but also that of everybody else helping us to create our pieces. More importantly we respect everybody supporting our mission by choosing water enough to strive for the best possible products based on quality and longevity.

  5. Infinite game
    The choice to play with an infinite mindset may mean the growth numbers are a little slower than our friend´s down the street. But the goal is not to beat the competition. The goal is to outlast them.