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It’s time to put water first – not last.

As one of the dirtiest industries in the world, the fashion industry is jointly responsible for the enormous pollution of our natural water resources.

The Water First Approach

We need to rethink how clothes are made. That's why we create all of our products based on the Water First Approach and pay reparations to the countries that are negatively affected by the textile industry’s groundwater pollution.

Taking Responsibility

Correcting your own wrongs can never be 'help' – it’s reparation. We’re liberating fashion from being sheer must-haves and turning it into a tool for deeper engagement. We’re paying reparations to local organizations that know best about what needs to be repaired and how.

Drip by Drip x kind of blau

Drip by Drip x kind of blau
Drip by Drip x kind of blau

Together with our NGO Drip by Drip we clean waste water from the fashion industry and provide clean water by funding biosand filters in and around Dhaka. Each filter provides clean water to almost 500 people. Drip by Drip is the first NGO worldwide to specialize in the water problem of the textile industry. The NGO actively researches, informs and develops solutions for all stakeholders along the lifecycle of a garment.