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 A New Category of Clothes. We tried to find new and innovative materials that grow close to where we produce and use much less water, rather than relying on the usual polyester or cotton. We strive to make products that look remarkable and feel amazing. Our premium sweater delivers incredible comfort & impact. We are restless, curious, and by no means perfect. The path to building the world’s first water saving & giving apparel brand is a long one, and we’re just getting started.

Felina is 1,70m tall and wearing size S

 Bocar is 1,87m tall wearing size XL


Bye Bye Cotton. By simply saying No to cotton we save tremendous amounts of water in terms of cultivation and production. Instead we choose to work with locally sourced, rain fed fibers such as beech wood. Sounds easy? Hell no!

Water consumption per kg: 652 liters 100% Modal French Terry Beechwood, rainfed, origin: Central Europe, carbon neutral/closed-loop water system Fiber: 472 L (according to Lenzing) Fabric dyeing: 180 L




Our Materials


No Cotton. No Polyester. No Bullshit. Instead we teamed up with world leading textile mills to develop the world’s first French Terry – we call it Blue Terry – made of 100% beech wood fiber, called Modal. You got that right, it’s 100%! Our fiber is locally sourced from FSC certified forests in Germany and Austria. It grows without artificial irrigation, fertilizers or pesticides. And it is biodegradable*!

We use FSC certified beech wood from central Europe


Turn it into fiber


To make an incredibly soft fabric


Backneck Tape, Size Label and Label Patch are all made without cotton and polyester


The Thread. Almost every sewing thread is made of polyester or cotton. So we changed that too! Our sewing thread is a bio-degradable Lyocell thread.



The Rib. Usually ribs are made with elastane, an oil based polymer. We opted out of that option and use the world's only bio-degradable elastane instead.